What are some of the best ways to market my crowdfunding campaign beyond the Fundify platform?

It helps to think of your crowdfunding campaign as a marketing campaign. It’s time to let people far and wide know about your growing business, the problem it solves, your unique edge, your solid team and the incredible potential ahead. While your campaign profile and overview give important high-level information, your direct communications can tell even more of the story in a way that helps people connect with your mission. Invite feedback and engage conversations with potential Investors. Always respond to potential Investors who post questions on your campaign page.

Send press releases to relevant news outlets who can help spread the word about your innovative product or solution, the investment opportunity, and progress in your funding campaign.

Look for opportunities to share information via your:

  • LinkedIn network
  • Customer or subscriber email lists
  • Family and friends
  • Twitter feed
  • Company website and social media

Get people excited as you launch the campaign, give updates along the way and celebrate milestones. The energy you create with your outreach can add momentum to your campaign!