How is Fundify different from others?

The Fundify funding portal gives you tremendous advantages:

  • Fundify Industry Expert Network – Fundify teams with Experts that are accredited investors with professional experience in a wide range of key fields. We may ask an Expert to review a qualified Startup in his or her field. Investors may find this input interesting but should always complete their own due diligience and rely only on their own research and opinions. 
  • Sophisticated Engineering – Our proprietary software is designed to simplify the funding campaign process for Startups. We’re integrating partner APIs that streamline the required disclosure process so that you can focus on ramping your business.
  • Poised to Pivot – We’re closely watching the Senate’s progress on increasing the Reg CF campaign limit to $5 million. We will quickly pivot our process and platform to help you take full advantage of the new guidelines as they go into effect.